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Knowledge! If you are a student read this for future.Lately we have heard a lot about cloud computing on the Internet , we use it many times without realizing it (for example, some Google services such as Google Docs , emails, etc.). Cloud computing aims to stop depending on the space of the computer that sometimes does not have sufficient capacity to store files and information. The files are stored on the web, which opens up business possibilities on the Internet .

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Info! Definition of CLOUD COMPUTING In English " Cloud computing " cloud computing is defined as software that allows users to store information of any type of service provided by a computer (eg music, images, videos) keep this data on the Internet and can access them from anywhere and at any time as long as you have a connection to the web. These files are stored on dedicated servers that are available all the time, you can access the data from any device connected to the web such as a mobile or a fixed computer. They have the advantage that people can have more space on the hard disk of their computers because the information is already stored on the Internet.

Info! What is characterized by cloud computing? You must have an Internet connection to access the cloud services The cloud allows access to information stored in any location and from any device with connection to the web, you can also access at any time. Costs are saved by saving some maintenance costs because they do not need to be installed on each user's computer, allow more space on the computer and have more storage capacity and the data is updated and optimized automatically.